Sample Data for RethinkDB

Often times, people who are new to RethinkDB want to play around with the database but don’t have a data in mind to use it with. Because of this, I went ahead and made a repository with some small data sets taken from Wikipedia.

Now, anyone can (without cloning the repo) go ahead and run this command in their data explorer and instantly have some data to play with:


This command will add a table called countries with all the countries in the world, taken from this Wikipedia article.

The result looks something like this:

These datasets are very small and don’t have a lot of entries, but they’re a good way to start playing around with RethinkDB. There are also entries for Oscar winning films and the world’s most populated urban areas, but there might be more added in the future.

If you install RethinkDB (and play around with this data), go ahead and look at the installation instructions on the RethinkDB webiste.