Week #2 @ Hack Reactor: N Queens and Web Workers

This week, I met a lot of new people, worked on a couple of interesting toy problems and have been getting more comfortable here at Hack Reactor. But, most importantly, I’ve been working on some really cool projects. Here they are!

N Queens with web workers

N Queens With Web Workers

This is probably the project I spent the most time on. I made an asynchronous N Queens solver with web workers. This particular implementation uses 4 web workers to distribute the work of getting a solution for n.

To be honest, I became a little obsessed with turning my solution to N Queens (which wasn’t really very challenging) and turning that into something that would work asynchronously. Even that wasn’t really hard, but I got stuck at some point implementing a solution that was too complicated for my problem. I spent a lot of time trying to get my hear around how to separate the different parts in a way that would work asynchronously but was still simple to grasp and understand. Anyways, this was still one of my favorite sprints and on of my favorite projects so far.


Watchout: A D3 Game With Sound!

Watchout: A D3 Game

For our D3 sprint, we implemented a game called watchout. Thanks to my partner catherine, we had the best looking game in our cohort!

When we got done with the basic requirements, we played around with adding sounds with timbre.js and changing the way nodes behave through using D3’s awesome force capabilities.


Presidential Dance Party

Presidentail Dance Party

For this sprint, I paired up with Brian and we worked on creating a ‘dance party’ in which we used prototypal inheritance and some GSAP magic to bring the presidents to life!